About Us

The SweeTreats crew at an outdoor farmers market
‚Äčin Tigard, OR - October 2004

Everything started with cake. As a child, Owner/Baker Wendi would quickly burn through Easy Bake Ovens as she baked little cakes to the delight of her family. She never grew out of that phase and has literally been baking cakes for as long as she can remember. SweeTreats Bakery was started in 2004 as a licensed "cottage bakery". Specialty cakes and cupcakes were our main products and as popularity grew, we started selling a handful of items, off a folding table, at an outdoor farmer's market in Tigard, Oregon. As SweeTreats Bakery grew, we found ourselves with clients such as Intel, Nike and several Portland area television and radio stations. 

The SweeTreats crew at an outdoor farmers market in Tigard, OR - October 2004

In 2010, a job transfer forced us to bid farewell to Oregon and start from scratch in Mechanicsburg, PA. The local community was very supportive and we were fortunate to partner with multiple wedding professionals in the area who helped get the word out. In 2018, SweeTreats Bakery established a retail location at the West Shore Farmers Market in Lemoyne, PA. We have seen a lot of change over the years but our commitment to providing only high-quality, home made desserts has remained the same.

At the West Shore Farmers Market - 900 Market Street, Lemoyne PA 17043

Open Tuesday 9-1, Friday 8-5, Saturday 8-2