There is no upcharge for wedding items. Extraordinary designs requiring substantial time and/or detail may be charged accordingly and will be discussed at time of order.
(Catering Prices May Vary) 

SweeTreats Bakery Price List

West Shore Farmers Market

900 Market St.  Lemoyne PA 17043


Friday 8-6  Saturday 8-2  Tuesday 9-2

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Celebration Cakes - Buttercream Starts at $4/serving, Fondant at $6/serving

Gourmet Cupcakes - Start at $3 ea.; Sold by the dozen, two dozen minimum

Classic Cookies - Start at $0.90 ea., sold by the dozen
​  Chocolate Chip,  Maple Walnut, Brown Sugar, White Chocolate Pumpkin, Lemon Chip, Snickerdoodle,
​  Oatmeal Raisin,  Peanut Butter, Plain Sugar, Italian anise

Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies - Start at $3 ea.

Russian Tea Cakes/Wedding Cookies (made with pecans) - $0.90 ea., sold by the dozen

Lemon Balls - $1 ea., sold by the dozen

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods - $1.00 ea., or bagged and tied with ribbon - $1.25 ea
  Dipped in Chocolate or White Chocolate, sprinkled with jimmies and/or drizzled in a coordinating color.

Cake Pops​ - $2 ea., minimum 1 dozen
  Chocolate or vanilla cake dipped in chocolate and covered in coordinating sprinkles.

Crumb Cakes - $2.50 ea., minimum 1 dozen

Apple Cider Donut Holes - $1 ea., sold by the dozen

Pecan Pie Square- $2 ea., sold in increments of 9.

Fruit Square- $2 ea., sold in increments of 9.
​  Lemon Crumb, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Fig

Marshmallow Kebab - $2 ea., sold by the dozen 
​  Dipped in chocolate with coordinating drizzle and/or sprinkles or S'mores Kebab

Bite Sized Pies - $1.50 ea., sold by the dozen
​  Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon or Raspberry

Mini Pie - $3 ea., sold by the dozen
​  Apple, blueberry, cherry or raspberry

6 or 9 inch Pie - $7 (6 in.)/$15 (9in.), each
​ Apple, blueberry, cherry, pecan, shoo fly, lemon sponge, lemon meringue, key lime, coconut cream, chocolate cream, banana cream, peanut butter and more. Choose from crumb top or double crust where applicable. 

Fruit Cobbler (baked in a jelly jar) - $3.00 ea. (price includes jar)
​  Peach, Apple or Cherry, topped with a crumble