SweeTreats Bakery Price List

There is no upcharge for wedding items. Extraordinary designs requiring substantial time and/or detail may be charged accordingly and will be discussed at time of order.
(Catering Prices May Vary) 

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West Shore Farmers Market

900 Market St.  Lemoyne PA 17043

Temporary Hours Due To COVID-19:

Friday 8-5  Saturday 8-2  Tuesday 9-1

Celebration Cakes - Buttercream Starts at $4/serving, Fondant at $6/serving

Gourmet Cupcakes - Start at $3 ea.; Sold by the dozen, two dozen minimum - a minimum of 12 different flavors are available each week at our shop in the West Shore Farmers Market.

Classic Cookies - Start at $0.90 ea., sold by the dozen
​  Chocolate Chip,  Maple Walnut, Brown Sugar, White Chocolate Pumpkin, Lemon Chip, Snickerdoodle,
​  Oatmeal Raisin,  Peanut Butter, Plain Sugar, Italian anise

Hand Decorated Sugar Cookies - Start at $3 ea.

Russian Tea Cakes/Wedding Cookies (made with pecans) - $0.90 ea., sold by the dozen

Lemon Balls - $1 ea., sold by the dozen

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Rods - $1.00 ea., or bagged and tied with ribbon - $1.25 ea
  Dipped in Chocolate or White Chocolate, sprinkled with jimmies and/or drizzled in a coordinating color.

Cake Pops​ - $2 ea., minimum 1 dozen
  Chocolate or vanilla cake dipped in chocolate and covered in coordinating sprinkles.

Crumb Cakes - $2.50 ea., minimum 1 dozen

Apple Cider Donut Holes - $1 ea., sold by the dozen

Pecan Pie Square- $2 ea., sold in increments of 9.

Fruit Square- $2 ea., sold in increments of 9.
​  Lemon Crumb, Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Fig

Marshmallow Kebab - $2 ea., sold by the dozen 
​  Dipped in chocolate with coordinating drizzle and/or sprinkles or S'mores Kebab

Bite Sized Pies - $1.50 ea., sold by the dozen
​  Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Lemon or Raspberry

Mini Pie - $4 ea., sold by the dozen
 Apple, blueberry, cherry, raspberry​, pecan, shoofly, chocolate cream and peanut butter pies are the most common.

6 or 9 inch Pie - 6 Inch start at $9 each, 9 inch Deep Dish start at $15 each
​ Apple, blueberry, cherry, pecan, shoofly, lemon sponge, lemon meringue, key lime, coconut cream, chocolate cream, banana cream, peanut butter and more. Choose from crumb top or double crust where applicable. 

Fruit Cobbler (baked in a jelly jar) - $3.00 ea. (price includes jar)
​  Peach, Apple or Cherry, topped with a crumble