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About Us

“Find a job you enjoy doing,
and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
                                                          - Mark Twain

The SweeTreats story began in the childhood of owner Wendi Saposnek. “Some little girls would play with dolls, I was playing with my Easy Bake oven. I used to get a new one every year or so because I would burn them up making cakes for my family”.

As an adult, Wendi would make cakes for her children’s birthday parties. “I only remember buying a store bought birthday cake on one or two occasions”, recalls Wendi.

After the birth of her youngest child, Wendi and her husband started running a daycare out of their house. Each month, Wendi would bake and decorate a birthday cake for the children having a birthday that month. The parents would be invited to join the celebration. Parents took notice that the cakes were not your average store-bought version and began offering to pay Wendi for cakes.

SweeTreats Cake Boutique was born in 2008 as a licensed in-home kitchen located in Wilsonville, Oregon. While in Oregon, Wendi won 1st place at the county fair for a Wedding Cake. In 2010, after relocating to Pennsylvania, SweeTreats continued to operate as a home-based business and the name changed to SweeTreats by Wendi as cakes were no longer the only thing we did.

In October, 2018, SweeTreats by Wendi moved out of the house and into a retail shop at the West Shore Farmers Market in Lemoyne, PA when they purchased Zook's Gourmet Pies and Cakes and renamed the business SweeTreats Bakery.